MacEwan University

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MacEwan University is a public university in Edmonton, AB. The website markets the benefits and experience of attending MacEwan to potential students and supports their enrolment process while providing resources and support to current students.

macewan invision designs

Appealing to prospective students and moving to a responsive design were high in MacEwan’s goals.  I ensured their website had a fun yet professional appeal while streamlining the user flow through proper calls-to-action, strategically placed imagery, and purposeful content. 

macewan website on monitor

Wireframe Examples

Wireframes were used early in the development process to establish the basic structure of the page before visual design and content was added.

High Fidelity Mockups

Created high-fidelity, fully interactive, clickable prototypes in InVision for user testing and to gather team feedback.

macewan mockups


A suite of icons was built for visual consistency that could be used throughout the website and on various media. Below are a few examples.



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