About Me

Susanne Delgado | Edmonton, AB

I started doing web design because of my love of drawing. Wanting to showcase my art, I started poking around inside the digital realm. A few years later after some actual schooling on the subject, I started work in the design industry.

Now I’m a senior designer with over 18 years of experience in the industry. I find it rewarding to provide online solutions for clients through design and the web. Whether I’m working alongside a team or taking the lead on a project, I ensure every aspect I’m a part of is produced at the highest quality.

I enjoy leading the wireframing, design, and implementation of websites from concept through to completion. Working hand in hand with the development team to ensure designs are consistent with the mockups, I seek to produce the best work possible.

From my time in the industry, I’ve gained a thorough understanding of expectations and skills needed to be successful. I’m proficient in the Adobe Suite of software including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Acrobat and Lightroom. I have an in-depth knowledge of Content Management Systems such as Dotnetnuke, Cascade and WordPress and have worked with various others. Working with our programmers allows me to maintain my ability to code with HTML & CSS.  I’ve worked hand-in-hand with clients on their e-newsletter campaigns using WordPress, and am also comfortable with both the Google suite and Microsoft products.

I’ve been an integral part of award-winning websites such as Banff Adventures, Shala Books, Blackstone Industrial, Manluk and District of Tumbler Ridge.

The other fun stuff

In addition to design, I also have a love of dance! Starting off as a tiny tapper at the age of 4, I was propelled into a world of music and merriment, leading me to try all types of dance throughout the years. Eventually I decided that being a Zumba instructor was the next obvious step in this journey of life. After getting certified, I immediately started teaching and have been having the time of my life! Although Zumba is the “cat’s meow”, I still just do it as a part-time gig.

Travel is another passion of mine. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have visited some amazing places, most recently Africa. Other destinations include India, Thailand, Portugal, Germany, Belize, the Philippines, Nicaragua and the Galapagos Islands.

Finally there is my love of photography. You can view some of my work over at my other website:

Contact Me

If you are interested in a new project, collaboration, or just want to grab a drink and discuss design, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email.